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New Azure Providers for StackQL Available

· One min read

StackQL allows you to query and interact with your cloud and SaaS assets using a simple SQL framework. Use cases include CSPM, asset inventory and analysis, finops and more, as well as our IaC and ops (lifecycle management).

Excited to announce the general availability of the latest StackQL providers for Azure. Includes expanded resource and method coverage including all of the latest Resource Manager services. The StackQL Azure provider catalog now includes:

  • azure - core Azure RM services
  • azure_extras - additional Azure services
  • azure_isv - Azure Native ISV software and services (like Databricks, Datadog, Confluent, Astro and more)
  • azure_stack - Azure Hybrid app framework

by the numbers...

ProviderTotal ServicesTotal MethodsTotal Resources

More Data Plane services like Azure Container Registry coming as well, stay tuned!