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GKE Autopilot - the easy way

· 2 min read

I grappled with Terraform for the better part of a day trying to provision a GKE Autopilot cluster in a Shared VPC service project, I was able to do this with StackQL in 2 minutes, this is how...

Before starting you will need the following to use GKE Autopilot in your Shared VPC:

  • control plane IP address range
  • control plane authorized networks (if desired)
  • the host network and node subnet you intend to use
  • pod and services secondary CIDR ranges

(all of the above would typically be pre-provisioned in the Shared VPC design and deployment)

Step 1: Using the GCP console, navigate to your service project, go to Kubernetes Engine --> Clusters --> Create --> GKE Autopilot --> Configure. Enter in all of the desired configuration options (including the network configuration specified above). Do not select CREATE.

Step 2: At the bottom of the dialog used to configure the cluster in the console, use the Equivalent REST button to generate the GKE Autopilot API request body.

Step 3: Supply this as input data to an StackQL INSERT command, either via an iql file, on as inline configuration. Optionally you can convert this to Jsonnet and parameterise for use in other environments.

"cluster": {
..from equivalent REST command..

INSERT INTO google.container.`projects.locations.clusters`(
SELECT 'projects/my-svc-project/locations/australia-southeast1',
'{{ .cluster }}'