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Using StackQL to find changed files in a commmit using GitHub Actions

· 2 min read

stackql is a dev tool that allows you to query and manage cloud and SaaS resources using SQL, which developers and analysts can use for CSPM, assurance, user access management reporting, IaC, XOps and more.

For more background on using StackQL with GitHub Actions see StackQL GitHub Actions Tutorial

- name: setup StackQL
uses: stackql/setup-stackql@v1.1.0
use_wrapper: true

- name: get changed files
shell: bash
run: |
ORG=$(echo "$GITHUB_REPOSITORY" | cut -d '/' -f1)
REPO=$(echo "$GITHUB_REPOSITORY" | cut -d '/' -f2)
QUERY="select filename FROM github.repos.commit_files where owner = '${ORG}' and ref = '${GITHUB_SHA}' and repo = '${REPO}'"
echo "pulling github provider"
stackql exec "REGISTRY PULL github"
echo "running query: ${QUERY}"
stackql --output json -f changed_files.txt exec "${QUERY}"

changed_files.txt looks like this...


You could then do something with the changed files in a further step like:

- name: Do something with changed files
run: |
while IFS="" read -r filename || [ -n "$filename" ]
echo "processing ${filename}..."
# do something interesting here...
done < <(jq -r '.[] | .filename' changed_files.txt)

The github.repos.commit_files StackQL resource has other interesting fields which could be projected and used for actioning or reporting, these can be seen using:

DESCRIBE EXTENDED github.repos.commit_files;

Fields available in this resource include:

  • status - one of added, removed, modified, renamed, copied, changed or unchanged
  • filename - filename which has changed
  • previous_filename - previous filename if the filename had changed in the commit
  • additions - the number of additions in each file
  • changes - the number of changes to each file
  • deletions - the number of deletions in each file
  • patch - git diff output for each file
  • blob_url - the blob url for the file
  • raw_url - the raw url for the file
  • contents_url - the contents url for the file
  • sha - The sha for each individual file

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