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GoDaddy Provider for StackQL Now Available

· 4 min read

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With the GoDaddy provider, users can leverage StackQL to interact with their GoDaddy resources directly through SQL queries. The addition of godaddy to the StackQL provider catalog further enabled a unified SQL-based experience for cloud services management.

Key Features

  • Domain Management: List, update, and monitor domains registered with GoDaddy domains, including registration, renewal, and transfer.
  • DNS Configuration: Manage DNS settings for your domains using SQL commands, including querying and updating DNS records.
  • Security Certificates: Query and manage SSL certificates.
  • Order Management: Report on orders related to GoDaddy services.

Getting Started

To begin using the GoDaddy provider, with stackql installed (see here), create a GoDaddy API token, populate an environment variable named GODADDY_API_KEY with this value, using stackql exec or stackql shell pull the latest provider for GoDaddy using:


start querying!

Example Queries

Here are some sample queries to get you started with the godaddy provider.

List Domains

Heres a simple extract of domains with status, expiry date, privacy, and auto-renewal status:


Domain Summary by Status

Heres a quick summary by status:

SELECT status, count(*) as num_domains 
GROUP BY status;

Listing Nameservers for a Domain

Heres a query expanding nameservers for a given domains:

ns.value as nameserver
FROM, json_each(nameServers) as ns
WHERE domain = '';

Get DNS Records for a Domain

Heres an example query to get the CNAME records for a domain, you could use this to get any other type of DNS records (A, AAAA, MX, TXT, etc.):

select data, name, ttl, type  from
where domain = '' and type = 'CNAME';

You can visit the GoDaddy StackQL provider docs for a detailed view of all the features and services.

Join the Conversation

We want your feedback to improve the StackQL experience continually. Visit our forum to discuss the new GoDaddy provider and share your thoughts.