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Returns the character position of first occurrence of string within another string, returns 0 if the string being searched for is not found.

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SELECT INSTR(string, searchstring) FROM <multipartIdentifier>;


The source string being searched.

The substring being searched for.

If string and searchstring are both BLOBs, then instr(<string>, <searchstring>) returns one more than the number bytes prior to the first occurrence of searchstring, or 0 if searchstring does not occur anywhere within string. If both arguments are not NULL and are not BLOBs then both are interpreted as strings.

Return Value(s)

Returns an integer.

If either the string or the searchstring values are NULL, then the result is NULL.


Search a field for a string

SELECT INSTR(name, 'worker') as charpos
FROM google.compute.instances
WHERE project = 'stackql-demo'
AND zone = 'australia-southeast1-a';
returns 0 if the term 'worker' is not present in the 'name' column, otherwise returns the character position (starting from 1) of the first occurence of the term 'worker' in the 'name' column

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