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Calculates the arc sine (inverse sine) of a number, which is the angle in radians whose sine is the specified number.

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SELECT ASIN(value) FROM <multipartIdentifier>;


A numeric expression within the range of -1 to 1, inclusive, for which the arc sine is to be calculated.

Return Value(s)

Returns the arc sine of the specified value in radians.


Calculate the arc sine of 0.5

SELECT ASIN(0.5) AS arc_sine_value;

This query returns π/6 or approximately 0.5236, as the arc sine of 0.5 corresponds to an angle of π/6 radians.

Calculate the arc sine of -1

SELECT ASIN(-1) AS arc_sine_value;

This query calculates the arc sine of -1, resulting in -π/2 or approximately -1.5708, as the sine of -π/2 is -1.