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Global Flags

Global flags specify runtime program behavior for the StackQL application, these flags are set at the command line when the StackQL application is launched (in either the interactive/shell mode or non-interactive exec mode) or are sourced from the StackQL initialization (.iqlrc) file. Flags include:

FlagData TypeDescriptionDefault
--apirequesttimeoutintegerAPI request timeout in seconds, 0 for no timeout45
--approotstringApplication config and cache root path{cwd}
--approotfilemodeuint32Application config and cache file mode493
--authstringauth context keyvals in json form
--cachekeycountintegerCache initial key count100
--colorschemestringColor scheme used in the shell
must be one of {darklightnull};
applies to Linux and Mac only
--configfilestringConfig file (.iqlrc) full path; defaults to current directory{cwd}
--cpuprofilestringcpuprofile file, none if emptynull
--dbenginestringDB engine idsqlite3
--dbfilepathstringDB persistence filename
--dbgenerationidstringDB generation id1
--dbinitfilepathstringDB init file path
-d, --delimiterstringDelimiter for csv output. Single char only.  Ignored for all non-csv output,
--dryrunflagdryrun flag; run preprocessor only, templated output will be returnedfalse
-H, --hideheadersflagDisables column headers, valid only with --output csv or --output textfalse
--http.log.enabledflagDisplay http request info in terminalfalse
--http.proxy.hoststringProxy host (leave blank for no proxy)null
--http.proxy.passwordstringProxy passwordnull
--http.proxy.portintegerProxy port, any number <=0 will result in the default port for a given scheme (e.g. http -> 80)-1
--http.proxy.schemestringProxy scheme, {http or https}http
--http.proxy.userstringProxy usernull
--http.response.maxResultsintegerMaximum results per http request, any number <=0 results in no limitation-1
-i, --infilestringInput file (IQL file) from which queries are read{stdin}
-q, --iqldatastringContext (data) file for templating (json or jsonnet file)
--keyfilepathstringService account key filename
--loglevelstringLog level, must be one of {infowarndebug}warn
--metadatattlintegerTTL for cached metadata documents, in seconds3600
--offlineflagWork offline, using cached datafalse
-f, --outfilestringOutput file into which results are written{stdout}
-o, --outputstringOutput format, must be one of {jsontablecsv, text}table
--providerstringDefault cloud providergoogle
--querycachesizeintegerSize in number of entries of LRU cache for query plans10000
--registrystringopenapi registry context keyvals in json form
--reinitflagreinit flag; will delete local metadata db file at startup and force regeneration of all dependenciesfalse
--tls.CABundlestringPath to CA bundle, if not specified then system defaults used
--tls.allowInsecureflagAllow trust of insecure certificates (not recommended)
--usenonpreferredapisflagFlag to enable non-preferred (alpha) APIsfalse
-v, --verboseflagVerbose outputfalse
-h, --helpContext specific help for stackql
--versionDisplays the version of the StackQL program